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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Watch this video! Tell everyone else to watch it before they tell you to!

I am very excited to have been invited to attend this year's Summit Series, Summit@Sea, which will be held on a cruise ship heading for an undisclosed island. It is a conference for 'doers' in the areas of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Revelry, Altruism, Arts and Personal Growth, keynoted by Sir Richard Branson.

One of the incredible events at the conference is shark tagging for conservation research purposes. The number of slots available is limited and I want to be one of those chosen. In order to be eligible to go I needed to submit an entry that answers two questions:
In your opinion, what is the most serious issue facing the oceans today?
What is one thing that you, your company, or your industry can do to help address it?

Below is my submission.
Some of you may recognize the characters from YouTube/iPhone4 fame :-)

Please watch it and spread the link. Lets see if we can get up to 100k views by the Summit, which starts April 8.
Make it viral... On your mark. Get set. Go!

details about the event can be found at:


mspy said...

The oceans are among our biggest resource for life on earth, and also our biggest dumping grounds. But the problem that most of us just "Don't care" and don't want to change the behaviour

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